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Prevention Plays

“Teens to Teens” Outreach  

This unique program is a group of young people sharing drama productions and sketches about various issues facing today’s teenagers.   Members have  been professionally trained as  actors, peer facilitators, and public speakers on current topics that are negatively affecting our country’s youth.

An interactive discussion following each performance,  provides time during which teens can relate to teens  about their issues, questions, feelings, and concerns, as well as helping them in dealing with the pressures and challenges of today’s world.


 “Oh, I Want To Be Popular”

“Oh, I want to be Popular” explores the interaction of four middle school students and their  struggles to fit in.   A  game of love, a game of chance,  “The Rules of Dating” game show will humorously ask what so  many kids are wondering…Do people like me? Am I pretty or handsome?   Do they think I’m a geek?   Are my clothes in fashion?  So many questions, so many things to figure out, but most important of all, how can I fit in?

Questions  about  love  continue  throughout life and the answers we come up with now will affect who we become later.  Those answers affect our relationships,  our careers,  marriage, etc.  The way we think about ourselves and how we treat other people, all  forms who we are and who we are to become.  This play  encourages believing in yourself, believing in your potential, and accepting people just the way they are.  Do you want to be popular?




“Alky” begins at the home of a teenager who has invited a few friends over for a party while his parents are away.  There always seems to be an  “older  friend”  that is willing to get the liquor for a teen party, and this time is no different.  As the evening progresses the audience shares in a variety of conversations between the teens friends.  Individual characters speak to the audience revealing many of the myths, peer pressures and half-truths told to and believed by teenagers today.

The play is powerful, contemporary, realistic, and is sure to touch the lives of teens who drink, have friends who drink, or are being pressured to drink.


 “All Dressed Up – No Place To Go”

“All Dressed Up – No Place To Go” is about two teenage couples who take different paths in their dating relationships.    Recognizing  that  more  and  more teens are sexually active,  the play explores concepts of teen sexuality and presents a strong message of abstinence, self-worth, and respect for each other by conveying the message that it is never too late to make wise choices  for  personal safety and health.

The  audience  is  challenged  to have dating relationships based on trust, mutual respect, and abstinence, and to stand up to peer  pressure. As well as avoid the risk of pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases or AIDS!



“Harsh Reality”

“Harsh Reality” features five stereo-typical teens to which everyone can relate.  This three day “reality  TV game-show” forces  the   characters to confront bullying, gossip, backbiting, eating disorders, cutting, name calling, labeling, prejudice, and low self image.

A series of games draws  attention to their differences, where they realize just how “the same” they really are.

Audience members will be encouraged to think twice about themselves and the value of others.





“Isolation” is an enormously dramatic play of four teenage boys and three teenage girls who break into their school gym to play   basketball and accidentally lock themselves in.      In their desperation to get out, their tempers flare and their true natures are revealed to the audience.

Gun violence is unfortunately a reality today  and this play portrays the reasons why and the consequences of  this unfortunate action of teenagers killing teenagers and then killing themselves.

Depression is the main cause of suicide among teenagers and violence is many times a result of the destruction of one’s self-worth.




Secrets.  Secrets.  Secrets… ssssshhhhhh.   I’ve got a secret.  “I’m a virgin…is that so terrible?”   “I’m an alcoholic….wanna drink?”   “I just had  sex….I’m  pregnant.”  “I’m in love…I’m only 13.”  “Who am I?”  “I’m an artist,  a musician,  a  dreamer, a thinker, a lover, a girl, a boy.   My passion runs deep…”  “Who am I?”  “Every night before I go to sleep I look out my window and wonder how many  families are as screwed up as mine.”   No where to go and no one to turn to.

Shine the light  on the hidden questions and feeling that grow into the secrets teenagers keep.   Fear, shame, and ignorance  leave many  young  people  feeling isolated,  not knowing where to turn, afraid to ask for the help and their needs are not being met.  Where is the hope?

The message of this play is that secrets must  be revealed – tell somebody.  It is hoped that in listening and talking about our secrets, we will find that we are not alone.   We need to reach out to those who are hurting.