Protection of Children & Youth

Homeward Bound Theatre Company is privileged to present these drama productions 
in a continuing effort to teach children about personal safety.


A Hero’s Touch

K-4th grade

“A Hero’s Touch” happens in a world of hero’s and villains, in a convenience store near closing  time.  The infamous Edward Vile,  also known as E. Vile, attempts to rob the store!   Unbeknownst to him, one of the patrons of  the store is actually Almost Amazing Man!   When Almost Amazing Man foils E. Vile’s attempt to steal from the store,  E. Vile trys to kidnap nine year old  Casey,  an innocent bystander.  Casey  refuses to be abducted by  E. Vile and proceeds to teach him the rules of good touch and bad touch.

Through the interactions of the characters in this  play the children will learn to ask their parents before going with anyone or accepting gifts, learn to identify what is a good  touch and what is a bad  touch, be empowered to say no when they feel uncomfortable, taught how to deal with bullying and harassment, and encouraged to think of some safe and trusted adults they can talk to when something uncomfortable happens.



5th – 8th grade

“Passwords” focuses on Ruthie and Ralphie, your typical brother and sister.  Ruthie thinks her little brother is expendable, that he  is only one notch above an earthworm.  Ralphie doesn’t even want to breathe the same air as his big sister.   While waiting for the bus, they get into an argument and Ralphie decides to walk to school by himself.   Ruthie remembers that their mother said to stick together.  As Ruthie and Ralphie get lost in Lurestown, they learn how to avoid the approach of strangers which could lead to child abduction and abuse.    At each tight spot, Ruthie turns to the audience and asks what she or Ralphie should do.

This fast paced and at times humorous adventure is presented in an entertaining and non-threatening manner.   The play does not deal with the results of child abuse but rather with ways to teach the child to recognize and prevent potential abusive situations. They will learn the right to tell – ask for help…not to keep secrets that can harm them.  The right to say no – be assertive and respect themselves and others.   The right to  decide  –  to follow rules and show good judgment. How to use critical thinking and problem solving skills.


Not A Word

9th-12th grade

“Not a Word”  subtly portrays the struggle of a teenage girl, Caitlyn, whose soccer coach shows inappropriate interest in her. Through Caitlyn’s unfortunate experience, audience members are empowered with tools for self protection and sexual abuse awareness.

In a world  where  sex abuse takes many forms, young victims are too often left with paralyzing  feelings of guilt, and fear.  The fact that the vast majority of abuse victims know their abusers make this issue even more difficult to address.