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Here is just a sample of our classes, please call us at 952-934-7295 for more information


ACTING COMMUNICATION FOR THE FAMILY – A fun and innovative way of helping family members learn how to communicate among themselves and to express their feelings and beliefs openly, directly, expressively and positively instead of indirectly and negatively.  This class is for the entire family!

ACTING IS FUN – Beginning course for fun and personal growth.  Re experience the exhilarating freedom you haven’t felt since you were a child! Imagination games and acting exercises will help you discover parts of your personality you rarely explore.

BASIC ACTING—JUST THE BEGINNING – No need to worry about the “how to” of theatre.  Whether interested in Broadway or Community Theatre, you will learn the basics of becoming a good actor or actress through character dynamics, acting and auditioning techniques.  Imagination Games and theatre exercises will help you discover parts of your personality rarely explored.  No acting experience required!


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